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General Trading Policies and Procedures

Trading through the GCTE network is easy, productive, and profitable — provided GCTE guidelines are followed by all members. Please review the following:

Authorization Numbers

When you are ready for business with a fellow Gulf Coast Trade Exchange member, please call GCTE to verify that the buyer’s account is in good standing. At the completion of the sale – when the buyer is ready to pay, the seller then contacts GCTE for authorization. (Credit card companies use a system of checks and balances; a trade exchange works in a similar fashion.) When issuing an authorization number, a broker checks the member’s account to clear the purchase and credits the seller’s account. (The authorization process gives the green or red light for each transaction.)

Who is responsible for the authorization number?

It is the seller’s responsibility to phone GCTE for approval to ensure the purchaser’s current status, prior to providing the service or delivery of products. Again, this practice is for your protection. (DO NOT wait until you’re ready to deliver the order to call for the authorization.)

When should the buyer sign the GCTE transaction slip?

For every trade, there is always a transaction form that must be completed by the seller, signed by the buyer, and then mailed to GCTE for confirmation of the transaction. The buyer should not sign off on a transaction form until the product or the service has been completed by the seller. Once the form is signed, the funds are then permanently transferred to the seller’s account for payment.

Keeping Commitments

Delivery commitments should be the same as dealing on a cash basis. We all know that promising but not delivering is a poor business practice. Thus, please respond, for example, by saying, “I’m sorry, but I am booked now, I cannot tackle your job until next month. Can you wait?” At least you will be remembered favorably. (Please don’t say “I’ll try” if you know you can’t.)

Directory Listings

Each business lists a primary contact person. To avoid any problems, always be certain to speak specifically with the designated person.

Retail vs. Wholesale

Traders “buying at their wholesale cost” . . . should not be confused with “buying wholesale.” With barter, you don’t buy at wholesale prices, but you do purchase at your own wholesale cost. For example, you are in a service business; you sell $500 worth of services which cost $250.00 to produce. In exchange, you purchase $500 worth of advertising. You are purchasing at your own wholesale cost, thus you have actually received retail for wholesale cost.

Travel on Trade

GCTE has worldwide accommodations available for your trading convenience; however, we are not a travel agency and cannot operate as one. Please review the following travel procedures:

(1) There is a $10 cash fee charged for each travel arrangement made through GCTE.

(2) Once a GCTE travel reservation is confirmed, it is non-cancelable and non-refundable (Please be certain of plans before making a commitment.)

Fee Remittance

As a convenience, all cash fees are billed on your GCTE monthly statement. Payments are due by the 25th of each month. (Late charges are incurred after the billing date.)

Dealing with GCTE Members

If you encounter a conflict with a fellow GCTE member, please handle in the same fashion as with a cash client or vendor. While we do like to be made aware of problems, they can often be resolved with simple communication between the two parties. When there is a problem that warrants our intervention, we ask that you complete a GCTE complaint form. We will follow up and advise you of the results.


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